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Solution Synopsis

The Auto Dealership’s Customer CRM is an IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 application solution leveraged by the inside and outside sales force. It was developed in R6 of Lotus Notes back in 2005 and today it is running on Notes & Domino 8.5.3. The application also leverages DOLS (Domino Offline Services) for offline use and is completely web-based. Integration points are used leveraging LotusScript LSX agents to synchronize the back-end database.

Customer information

This organization is one of the leading automotive dealerships and parts distributors in the Northeast geography. They had a need for a sales automation solution based in IBM Lotus Notes.

Business Need

The client originally needed sales automation support for inside and outside sales teams. Additionally, they needed integrated data points from their backend data source – proprietary database. That application was developed in the 2005 – 2007 time frame.

In 2011, they needed to update their applications to take advantage of the internet access provided by Notes Domino 8.5.3, to reduce the time needed to maintain their application and to have their application enhanced to meet their emerging needs steaming their sales activities.

Solution Implementation

RockTeam has been supporting the CRM since 2008. Carlos Casas was the original developer of the application back in 2005. At that time he met with the client, designed the solution and implemented it on IBM Lotus Domino 6.5. He deployed the end-user clients and the actual application via web browser.

The implementation involved one Domino 8.5.3 server and a configuration for web users. Staff time as been reduced, currently there is just one Domino administrator managing user access.

In addition to the software upgrade, The RockTeam made development enhancements to the application in order to improve web performance. The Administrative impact has been very positive as the Business Development team has successfully streamlined sales activity as a result of deploying Notes Domino 8.5.

Benefit of the solution

The CRM has enabled an automated workforce that has seamless access to customer data and activity. The application has addressed both offline and online workers and has helped to grow business consistently with double-digit growth over the past 6 years by giving their 55-member sales force immediate access to needed data.

By using an application written and maintained in Lotus Domino Designer, the developers were able to provide The Auto Dealership with flexibility, access to back-end data, and a web-based point of entry using the HTTP services of the Domino server. Plus, users could still use the application even when offline because it leverages DOLS (Domino Offline Services).

The client has achieved close to 50% increase in sales force productivity as a result of their Domino CRM system. Moreover, their Domino CRM has enabled greater mobility with DOLS and replication features of Domino 8.5

Customer quote:
“The RockTeam has been an integral partner in enabling our salesforce to easily track and record customer activities.”

Project end: Ongoing

Primary: Professional Services

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