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Boston Church of Christ

Boston Church of Christ

IBM SmartCloud Customer Reference

Solution synopsis

bosto-churchThe Boston Church of Christ wanted to reduce the administration and management of their email environment. They wanted to offload all the administration of email servers to a cloud solution. They did not want to purchase any new hardware to add to their organization. They asked RockTeam to help them plan to meet their needs. After reviewing IBM SmartCloud options, they decided on SmartCloud Engage offering them Sametime Meetings and IBM Connections features to help their community work together.

Customer information

Headquartered in the greater Boston area, the Boston Church of Christ has a wide range of ministries including Preteen, Teen, Campus, Single and Married Adults, Poor & Needy and Single Moms. They have activities ranging from Weekly Sunday Services (in five locations), Mid-week Services, Neighborhood Bible Discussions, Devotional Meetings and Community Service Projects. Their widely dispersed locations and membership make communicating and coordinating an ongoing challenge for their fifty person ministry and administrative staff as well as many volunteers.

Business need

The Church wanted to reduce hardware and licensing costs for their Lotus environment. The Church also wanted to increase the ways for users to access email. They wanted to provide web and mobile access to email.

Solution implementation

Working together, the Church and RockTeam reviewed the SmartCloud available options. SmartCloud Notes would have met all of their stated needs, plus given them, out of the box, features such as instant messaging that they had not implemented on-premises due to the time and expense involved in setting up additional Domino servers. But they went a step further and took advantage of a special pricing offer to upgrade to SmartCloud Engage. As a result, they now have a number of new and unanticipated ways of binding together their diverse, scattered community of users. These include Sametime Meetings and many features of the IBM Connections suite.

Further, RockTeam provided the Church new licensing for SmartCloud and ran a project to migrate all users to the IBM SmartCloud

Benefit of the solution

This project gave the Church the immediate results of enabling mobile access to their email and calendaring. Had they not used IBM SmartCloud to provide this solution, they would have had to purchase new hardware and put time into configuring a Lotus Traveler server. By migrating to the IBM SmartCloud users were able to start using their mobile devices the minute they were migrated to the IBM SmartCloud.

Church users can now get knowledgeable and prompt end user support by sending an email to support@collabserv.com. This frees up the single IT staff member to focus on his many other projects.

The Church had never implemented instant messaging even though they were licensed for it, because they would have had to set up and maintain another Domino server and configure Sametime for their end user community. By implementing ISC, all they have to do is enable instant messaging; the service becomes instantly available to their users without any further effort by their IT staff.

The institution also took advantage of special pricing to implement SmartCloud Engage. By doing so, they gain a number of other benefits, including Sametime meetings and a number of features of IBM Connections, including Profiles, Files, Communities, Activities, and Microblogging.

In summary, the Church benefited from reduction in licensing cost, reduction in the cost of hardware and the reduction in the administrative costs of supporting local servers and applications. Their users now have many new and unanticipated ways of facilitating the needs of and binding together their diverse, scattered community.

Project end: July 2013

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