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Developing a Smart and Easy Deployment Strategy for SmartCloud

Developing a Smart and Easy Deployment Strategy for SmartCloud

When IBM launched SmartCloud Entry 3.1—an enhanced version of their SmartCloud solution—they were clearly looking out for people who had a case of cloud nerves. According to ZDNet, SmartCloud Entry 3.1 is an easy solution. There are no shortage of ways that the word easy can be applied to its description—from ease of use, ease of management, ease of adaption, and ease of deployment.

For new private cloud explorers, that last line has to be music to their ears. Much of the battle for a successful cloud launch and configuration takes place at the deployment and integration stage. There are a lot of moving parts involved, but with SmartCloud 3.1, IBM has alleviated a lot of complexities. One of the biggest attraction points is that it can work with new or existing infrastructure. This means no ripping or replacing of hardware.

When it comes to virtual-ready businesses, the transition to a private cloud will feel more like a hop than a big leap. SmartCloud Entry can manage virtualization for IBM System x and Power users. In addition, SmartCloud 3.1 offers:

  • Expanded hypervisor options including Hyper-V
  • Multiple server architecture support from a single interface
  • Enhanced web portal for rapid self-service workload provisioning
  • Pre-configured VM appliance image
  • Automated conversion of virtual machine images between hypervisors

Don’t be fooled, though. Although this SmartCloud package is geared to make the overall cloud deployment experience light and airy, key features and functions are not falling by the wayside as a result. The solution packs all of the amenities that you need from a full-featured, highly scalable cloud environment.

With SmartCloud Entry, you will gain:

  • Improved data center efficiency and time to value
  • Automated and optimized security and resource sharing
  • Built-in metering and reporting
  • Simplified maintenance and problem diagnosis with integrated views of both physical and virtual resources
  • Flexibility to delegate provisioning to authorized users

To learn more about the SmartCloud deployment process, contact the RockTeam today! As a Premier IBM Business Partner, we can architect custom private or hybrid IBM Cloud solutions for maximum cloud savings.

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