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Drive Business Performance with Collaborative Cloud Solutions

Drive Business Performance with Collaborative Cloud Solutions

With the grueling needs of today’s workforce, staying connected is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Companies now expect teams that are worlds apart to function as if they are working right next to one another. A few years back, this would have seemed like an impossible task, but with the creation of cloud technologies, collaboration for companies has become that much easier.

We are entering the age of instant. Businesses thrive in real-time, and cloud is the perfect platform to support real-time communication. From remote employees to the modern traveling man, everyone can access, input, and change data on the fly. And for the in-office worker that needs to communicate with their co-worker three floors down, a simple IM can function faster and more effectively than an email or phone call.

When it comes to choosing the right collaborative tools in the workplace, there are two buzz words that every company should be on the lookout for: security-rich and enterprise-grade. IBM SmartCloud has them both. As the leading social collaboration tool on the market, IBM SmartCloud transforms the way businesses communicate with an added security layer.

If your company is already using a solution that’s not enterprise-grade, here’s the catch: free installs, like AOL Instant Messenger or Yahoo, lack integration and may harbor threats to your network. Every free little install that an employee loads, for example an Instant Messenger tool here and a video chat program there, is a possible security breach waiting to happen. Free install applications aren’t designed to work together and an unknown tag-along-add-on in the install may turn out to be a big problem in the form of a virus or spyware.

The answer to this security quandary is replacing all of these free radical tools with one enterprise-level, security-rich suite of applications that function seamlessly together. IBM SmartCloud, for instance, offers IM, video conferencing, file sharing, and email in one integrated solution. This means one point of authentication, one user-name and password, and one dashboard to access all of these tools.

Also, with added features, like email and calendar syncing capability, web meetings, mobile applications, and IBM SmartCloud Docs which acts as a document editor, businesses become more efficient using one of the greatest technologies of the twenty-first century: the cloud.

Being able to work via seamless communication is the key to promoting a healthy, robust work environment. With more than 30 years of experience working with collaborative technologies, we at RockTeam can help companies of any size solidify their communication standards and drive profit margins. Want to discover how?

Call us today and find out!

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