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Exterior Wall Provider

Exterior Wall Provider

IBM SmartCloud Customer Reference

Solution synopsis

An Exterior Wall Provider had multiple Lotus domino servers, located at various locations, supporting the organization’s email. The Wall Provider was looking for a way to consolidate the servers and still provide fast access to email for all users. The company also looking to provide full high availability support for email and provide enhanced features to the end users without adding any additional hardware to the environment. The staff was interested in exploring the social tools and in having a way to archive older emails. They found that SmartCloud Engage would enable them to achieve their goals.

Customer information

The Wall Provider vision is “To provide the world’s finest buildings with the world’s finest curtain walls.” They were founded in 1976. Among their recently completed projects are façade work at the Jacob Javits Center and John Jay College.

Business need

The business need was to reduce software licensing and hardware costs. The client also desired introducing social applications into the environment without adding internal infrastructure to support.

Solution implementation

An IBM Business Partner, Preferred Partners, provided the Wall Provider with SmartCloud Engage Advanced licenses and Archive Essentials licenses for all their users. RockTeam is migrating the email users to the IBM Smartcloud.

Further, RockTeam provided the Church new licensing for SmartCloud and ran a project to migrate all users to the IBM SmartCloud.

Benefit of the solution

The benefit of the IBM SmartCloud solution was to decrease server licensing and eliminate the cost of any hardware purchases. The additional benefit was to be able to provide the latest social applications to the organization without installing any new hardware.

By moving to the SmartCloud, Wall Provider was able to provide true high availability for all email and calendaring functions along with expanding their social applications. Wall Provider was able to provide client, web and mobile access to email while not having to change existing applications. They are still able provide access to existing Lotus Applications that have stayed deployed on local domino servers at Wall Provider.

Project end: August 2013

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