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Solution synopsis

Flowline is a small organization without any local IT staff. They had a single Domino server which served up mail and one application to their users as well as a Traveler server for 5 to 10 mobile devices. IBM Smartcloud is an ideal fit for Flowline given their limited IT resources and is also a much more cost effective solution than an on premise mail server.

Customer information

With nearly 20 years experience, Flowline is well-known and respected as a full-service supplier of state-of-the-art components for hydraulic and pneumatic hose assemblies.

Since its inception in 1988, Flowline has established a trusted reputation in the industry using such brands as Synflex, Weatherhead, Boston, Everflex, Snap-Tite, Brennan, Stauff, and John Guest, along with other highly reliable manufacturers of hydraulic and industrial fluid control components.

Business need

Flowline needed a technical solution which provided them with secure, reliable mail services accessible from their mobile devices as well their computers. As a small organization, they did not want to allocate their inhouse staff to its maintance.

Solution implementation

RockTeam consultants were brought in to Flowline to migrate all of their users from the on premise Domino solution, to a standalone SmartCloud solution. This also included moving about 6 traveler devices to LotusLive. There were 25 notes clients, which were each reconfigured to connect to the LotusLive mail servers. Each user was provisioned with a clean mail file and given a local copy of their old mail file to use as an archive.
In addition, they had one application – a document repository – which was moved to LotusLive files. The other part of this application was a vacation calendar, which we also had to move. In order to do this, we set up a user called vacations@flowline.net and had all vacation request sent to this account. Administrators were then able to go in and approve or deny vacation requests. Additionally, all users can go in an view the vacation calendar to see who is in or out on a given day.

Benefit of the solution

With a small operation and little to no IT support, onsite, Flowline wanted to get back “doing business” and less of “supporting business”. SmartCloud lowered their costs by eliminating the yearly licensing of Domino and also decreasing their on premise footprint of servers.

Additionally, they are able leverage the sharing capabilities for easier communication via the web browser. Flowline will save 30-40% of infrastructure costs over the next 2-4 years!

Project end: Feb 2012

Primary: Cloud Computing
Secondary: Professional Services

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