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Getting a Grip on Mobile Device Management

Getting a Grip on Mobile Device Management

Being able to have your personal computing device (mobile, notebook, tablet) connected to corporate applications is becoming the new way to go. After all, you and your co-workers are all over the place—within office walls, outside of those walls, even in different countries and continents. With productivity on the line, you need fast access to internal email and the company server without restrictions.

On the flip side, it makes sense for decision-makers to open up new avenues for their employees. And in many ways, they really don’t have much of a choice, as the consumption of personal computing devices has reached unprecedented levels.

For instance, according to one IDC study, 70% of employees access corporate networks through their personal devices. According to another study (highlighted in the same Forbes article) there will be close to 15 billion network connected devices by 2015.

With more and more workers bringing their devices into the workplace, mobile device management (MDM) has taken on added significance. The heightened need for MDM has created an interesting dilemma for organizations: How much access is too much? For instance, there is obviously a need to accommodate user needs for greater flexibility. However, access is typically stretching beyond emails and into the sensitive data territory. If that data is stored on these devices, and those devices vacate company doors, security becomes a major concern.

MDM is software designed to quell the growing security and compliance demands that organizations face. It is geared to improve the management, tracking, and control of mobile devices.

However, while MDM offers some power capabilities—including data wipe and device inventory—it does not completely solve all mobile security complexities. After all, mobile technology is a completely different than PCs. The right technology and policies need to be in place to ensure MDM’s effectiveness.

Information Week revealed some important tips for MDM users to consider:

  • IT leaders must understand MDM software’s inherent limitations and adjust accordingly.
  • While MDM security features may be similar across products, the deployment and integration strategies and capabilities can vary greatly. You need to know the difference.
  • Understand how MDM fits in with your strategic corporate strategy. If the security risks outweigh the benefits, MDM may not be right for you.

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