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Hybrid Cloud Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Cloud Offers the Best of Both Worlds

The Guardian recently revealed Gartner’s prediction that most enterprises will have adapted cloud computing in some form by 2013. However, which cloud paths are these organizations choosing?

It would be easy for these businesses to stick to one cloud path—on-premises or public. But “easy” doesn’t equate to practical. Depending on your organization’s needs, you’re already running on multiple cloud platforms. While your public cloud might be a gateway to your external client interactions and off-site activities, your on-premises cloud network is the meat and potatoes of your private, onsite operations. Either way, the lines between your cloud solutions are blurred every day.

As ZDNet recently reviewed, a hybrid cloud approach offers the most flexibility to mix and match the different sides of your on-premise and public cloud solutions. It is the best option for organizations looking to maximize their cloud capability without being backed into a corner.

After all, even if you start with an on-premises deployment, your ability to maintain the infrastructure needed to run the cloud may change in no time. Your company may decide that they want to cut back on the infrastructure costs, maintenance and management that come along with an on-premises cloud.

Will your organization be prepared when this time comes? Turning to the public cloud for hosting purposes won’t be effortless. You’ll also be pressed to seamlessly shift resources between both environments. Bottom line: Having the right architecture to support these functions will be challenging without a hybrid design.

However, there are a lot of moving parts involved with a hybrid design. If the environments are drastically different, than there will be more complexity for integrating the platforms, and making sure that the interfaces and functions can mesh.

Despite these challenges, proper planning and coordination can lead to a smooth design and overall migration process. Having the flexibility that a hybrid cloud environment offers is critical. The RockTeam can be your go-to source for ensuring that your architecture is constructed to support your unique cloud needs.

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