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IBM Verse – A New Way to Work

IBM Verse – A New Way to Work

Mail Reimagined for a New Way to Work


What is IBM Verse?

IBM Verse is mail as you’ve never imagined it before. Using advanced design thinking, the latest in social analytics, and delivered from the cloud to your favorite mobile device or desktop, IBM Verse helps you prioritize your work, personalize your work experience, build stronger working relationships, and frees you to spend more time on higher value work.


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Why did IBM create IBM Verse?

Social, mobile, and cloud technologies have significantly changed the expectation of consumers for mail, social and other collaboration tools. Consumers are bringing those changed expectations to their workplace. While at work, these same people are experiencing significant information overload from disconnected applications built for an earlier era. As a leader in social, real-time and mail collaboration for business, IBM is addressing the enterprise demand for newer ways of working together. With IBM Verse, we plan to leapfrog the marketplace with a unique, innovative solution for a new way of working.

How is IBM doing it?

IBM is using Design thinking to build IBM Verse. By bringing together design experts from IBM Design Lab with industry and technology experts, and plenty of real world customers and business partner users, we are creating a product that fits the new way people want to work.

How will IBM Verse benefit me?

IBM Verse will help you get work done in 3 new ways. It’s mail that understands you: cloud-enabled, designed for mobile devices, and powered by IBM’s analytics and advanced search, IBM Verse works for you, not the other way around. It clears the clutter and creates more clarity: experienced through a simple, see-only-what-you-need interface, IBM Verse helps you focus on the things that matter most. And finally, it’s about connecting me to we: with an array of intelligent, secure and engaging social apps, IBM Verse opens up new ways to work together.

How is it different from what other email vendors have today?

IBM Verse is unique and, we think, far ahead of what else is out there in the Marketplace. IBM Verse has been in the public eye since we announced the vision from the main stage at IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando, Florida in January. Since then, our competition has tried to keep up with our vision. We are more confident than ever in our strong competitive advantage. IBM’s approach is looking at the mail challenge from the users’ perspective to focus squarely on helping you organize, prioritize and execute quickly and effectively.

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For 35 years, RockTeam has helped businesses of all sizes apply collaborative and social technology to enterprise solutions to reduce cost, increase productivity and drive growth through online collaboration.

RockTeam is an award-winning IBM Premier Business Partner offering consulting and technical services. Our core expertise are in social and collaborative software, systems design architecture, application development, and systems integration. Find out how RockTeam can bring A New Way to Work to your organization with IBM Verse.


Download the IBM Verse Solution Brief.


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