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Keith Brooks On Moving To the Cloud

Keith Brooks On Moving To the Cloud

Timing, as they say, is Everything

by Keith Brooks

Come to SmartCloud! (need to verify what smartcloud is called these days properly, will use SC so it is easy to search/replace) We have pizza! Chocolate! Beer! Whatever you want, the IBM SC has it readily accessible for you and your entire organization.

Seriously, if you renewed or purchased IBM Domino Notes licenses over the last year and a half, your renewal includes SC licenses. For free. Really, it does. Just one catch, you have to enable them to take advantage of them. Sounds complicated right? Wrong. You could be up and running in minutes with some preliminary setup work created now.

But let’s back up. Moving to the cloud (and IBM’s cloud solution stands out as the best for the small, medium and enterprise companies) is BIG. Can a company start using the cloud even if the doesn’t need it yet? Hang on, you may be asking yourself, what do they mean by “need it yet” and is it really that fast? But first, why would you need SC at all?

You probably do not need a cloud solution today because you have all of your servers in house and running smoothly. The costs have already been depreciated, and you are living in fear of a looming budget for the next time you need new servers, operating systems or applications.

But what happens next year when the Operating System reaches end of life?

What happens next week, or month, when hardware failure occurs and you have to take the time to rebuild everything and bring your organization back to life. Are you prepared for the downtime and potential loss of revenue? If you let servers run more than 3-5 years you are gambling with the life of your servers, and therefore your business.

If email doesn’t run your business, how do customers interact with you today? Where does your money come from? If you did not have email for a few days, as is common in major outages of hardware, could you and your business survive?

What is your plan?

Who will you turn to for help?

How fast can you get up and running, sign the contracts and get everything, and everyone, working again?

The future is unknown; shouldn’t we be planning for it, just in case we need it? IBM has made it easy by granting you licenses for SC. When the time is right, you can reach SC with ease. A little bit of proactivity on your part goes a long way under these circumstances.

RockTeam is here to help you whether you want to plan ahead… or need us in an emergency. The best time to plan for the unexpected is before you built anything. Right? The next best time is today.

Contact us today to enhance your infrastructure before it is too late.

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