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Solution synopsis

Lions Eye Bank faces regulatory rules with regard to their tissue tracking and corneal transplants. They also need to keep track of potential donors in order to fairly and quickly make eyes available. Finally, they need to protect donor and recipient confidentiality. They do this tracking via a Domino database.

The RockTeam has supported Lions Eye application and infrastructure since 2005. In 2011, the regulatory body imposed some new rules which had a significant impact on their Notes database and workflow and the RockTeam was called to make the needed changes. Additionally, the RockTeam upgraded Lotus Notes 8.5.2 on all the user computers.

In 2012, the features and advantages of IBM’s SmartCloud make it a good choice for Lions Eye Bank because they can still abide by the regulatory rules and protect their data by securely moving the email to the SmartCloud. With the IBM Smartcloud the data is now securely stored on multiple servers and is accessible from many locations.

Customer information

Since 1957, the Lions Eye Bank of Delaware Valley has coordinated more than 30,000 cornea transplants at the request of donor families and their loved ones.

The Lion’s Eye Bank has a Domino custom application used to track all aspects of their donor & recipient process. It includes the donor profile, acceptance and testing information as well as the recipient information. The application is used in all non-financial aspects of the eye bank’s operation.

Project end: Fall 2012

Business need

The Eye Bank needed to update their Domino application to comply with new medical record keeping and regulatory issues. For example, additional reviewer data, confirming medical tests and major revisions on test results need to be added to insure viability and acceptability of the cornea and/or the tissue. Without these changes, Lions Eye Bank would not be able to pass their regulatory inspection. The update was made easier by an upgrade of Notes Domino to 8.5.2.

Solution implementation

In April, The RockTeam installed the latest version of Lotus Notes on the Lions Eye computers. Data was transferred to the Domino Server.
The RockTeam application developer met with the Lions Eye team, reviewed the new tracking regulations and together developed a plan for the upgrade of their mission critical application: The Tissue Management Application.

The existing application – to the extent possible – was updated in a programming style consistent with prior use. Fields and processes were added to allow for the gathering of additional reviewer data, confirming medical tests and major revisions on test results need to be added to insure viability and acceptability of the cornea and/or the tissue. An issue in the Serology section of the application was resolved.

Customer quote

“The Rock Team was able to create a customized reporting tool for us utilizing Lotus Notes and Existing date within the Notes database. Carlos and his team designed and executed the plan on a moments’ notice and the implementation and results were flawless. This is the kind of service we have come to expect from The Rock Team and they never disappoint!”
Jim Quirk

Benefit of the solution

  • The updated Domino application will have two benefits for Lions Eye:
  • The compatible design permitted the Eye Bank to continue operations without stopping data entry or needing to do a major training effort.
  • The client anticipates passing their upcoming inspection.
  • Data is secure with backup procedures
  • Newest version of Lotus Notes enabled staff to work more efficiently

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