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Medical Center

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Solution synopsis

Medical Center is a prominent health care organization. They are a long time IBM Software customer for messaging and collaboration. In this initiative, they wished to enable their IT organization to socially collaborate over IBM Connections leveraging wikis, files, and profiles. By leveraging these components, Connections members will be able to share information across the department as well as make comments, and update relevant information. The wikis area needed to be easy to update and maintain and was going to be the central place for the IT department to look for all documentation. They also wanted to be able to utilize the files portion of Connections to upload files and large images that are used within the IT department. They wanted to have the ability to track what files are being used and who is downloading them.

Customer information

The Medical Center’s mission is to improve the health status of all members of the community. One of the mid-Atlantic’s largest healthcare system, Medical Center is comprised of two Hospitals, numerous satellite facilities and many employed physician practices encompassing a variety of specialties.

Business need

As a dedicated Lotus / Domino customer, this cliented wanted to utilize IBM Connections as a product that would integrate seamlessly with their current environment and start their journey towards becoming a social organization. They wished to share information across departments as well as make comments, and update relevant information.

Solution implementation

The Rockteam worked with the customer to create a project plan for the upgrade. We outlined the server specs and had the customer setup the VM servers for the Connections install.

  • The RockTeam went onsite to install and configure all the pieces of connections. We did the install side by side with the customer admin to help enable him to understand all the pieces of IBM Connections and how it was installed
  • Filled out the Connections installation worksheet and followed the detailed plan for the installation
  • Tested the installation with the client

After the installation and testing were done, we reviewed options with the customer and worked on customizations for IBM Connections.

  • The RockTeam integrated a Getting started portion into IBM Connections where the customer could click through tutorials for different pieces inside of IBM Connections.
  • We customized the header jsp files to add links to the getting started HTML information.
  • The customer wanted to utilize the files portion of connections to upload image files for some of their software so we also customized the size of file uploads allowed within IBM Connections to meet the specific needs for the customer.

After the installation and customization was done for IBM Connections, the product was rolled out to the IT department to help with user adoption. The IT department was tasked to utilize IBM Connections in their daily tasks by creating communities, wikis and uploading file content.

The Rockteam demonstrated how to install the IBM Connections plugins for the Lotus Notes client and provided information on each plugin to fully integrate IBM Connections into their current Lotus / Domino environment.

A follow up was done with the customer after the new release of IBM Connections 4 was released and the customer agreed to upgrade to the newest release to get all the new benefits of the product.

Benefit of the solution

The Medical Center benefited from the installation of Connections in that it provided them with:

  • A more efficient way to share and collaborate over a social platform
  • The ability to extend Notes Domino with files and profiles
  • The capacity to seamlessly share the most recent updates to files and procedures while collaborating with their peers in a unified platform

Customer quote

“IBM Connections has allowed us to organize our documentation on a social platform as well as provide us a standard for knowledge sharing and education.”
Project Completion: 2012

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