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Paper Products

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Solution synopsis

Paper Products, a long time Domino and IBM client, was looking to upgrade all of their Domino Servers to the latest version (8.5.3). They had a particular interest in the BES (for more stability) and Traveler servers (better calendar integration).

As they have in the past, they looked to The RockTeam to implement the upgrade on 6 Domino Servers. Two of these were Windows Servers on VMWare ESX. The other four, were split across two IBM System I servers in two locations (NJ and KY).

Customer information

Founded more than 75 years ago, Paper Products has expanded its physical facilities as well as its business scope and now serves a global network of customers from its modern, highly-efficient plants.

Business need

For years, Paper Products relied heavily on Lotus Notes and Domino to manage their widely spread sales team and order process. They wished to upgrade to Notes 8.5.3 to facilitate their use of calendaring and to further refine their business critical applications. Among the important enhances were:

Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.3 delivers innovations for developers with enhancements focused on performance and scalability and enhanced user experience. Improved XPages support for industry-standard web application models makes it easier to bring applications to mobile devices.
Lotus Notes Traveler support for Nokia Symbian 3 devices allowed Roosevelt Paper to expand the reach of the business to more devices: Blackberries, Android users, and Apple iOS devices. Additional Lotus Traveler enhancements improves usability, performance, and deployment in the areas of additional operating system support, calendar, mail, and deployment.
Entitlement to IBM Connections Files and Profiles, included in the upgrade, allows Paper Products staff to tap into the knowledge of their networks of professionals. Their users can more quickly find product knowledge within their organization and to easily share content with their clients.

Solution implementation

The week of November 2010, the Traveler and Blackberry servers were to be upgraded. The Traveler upgrade was very successful and was complete on Nov 8th. The Traveler server was upgraded to 8.5.3. This work was done by a RockTeam Solutions Consultant remotely.

On Friday, November 2010, downtime was scheduled for the 2 mail servers and 2 apps servers. These are the Domino servers that reside on System I servers. Each System I server has a mail and an app server. A Solutions Consultant from the RockTeam was on site for this upgrade. Each server was upgraded from 8.5.0 to 8.5.3.

After shutting down the Domino Servers, the Domino for iSeries upgrade wizard was run on both iSeries servers. Both installs ran very smooth and in less than an hour, the Domino servers were back up and running.

The BES upgrade was scheduled for December. This install proved to be the most difficult. A RockTeam Solutions Consultant worked on this upgrade remotely. After several hours on the phone with two different RIM support techs, the upgrade was finally complete. The most complex part to this upgrade was the SQL DB and upgrading that version as well as configuring the BES installation to use that upgrade. This Domino server was upgraded to 8.5.2FP3 and BES 5.0.3.

Upon completion, each server has performed very well and they have seen more functionality on the Traveler server specifically.

Benefit of the solution

The Domino Notes upgrade enabled disparate Paper Products staff of 250 to schedule meetings more easily. Notes applications designed to facilitate their key workflows (client history, inventory and procurement) were improved.
They realized an approximately 40% increase of disk utilization from DAOS implementation.
Traveler enabled users to access information from their mobile Apple and Android devices.

Customer quote:
“The Rock Team’s planning, follow-up and execution of our last statement of work to upgrade our Notes environment was spot on.  I can always trust their judgment and I feel very comfortable putting them in charge of all my Notes upgrades and various Lotus Notes projects.”

Project completion: 2010

Primary: Professional Services
Secondary: Messaging & Collaboration, Products (hardware and software)

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