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Payment Systems I

Payment Systems I

IBM Customer Reference

Solution synopsis

The client wanted mobile access to meetings through their iPhones. After consulting with the Rockteam representative, it was decided that their most effective approach was to upgrade their Sametime. The existing Sametime server was upgraded to 8.5.2. We also converted it from using Domino Directory Services to using LDAP directory. We installed a series of Websphere-based servers including the Integrated Solutions Console, Sametime proxy server, Sametime Meeting Server, and the Sametime Media Manager.

Customer information

Payment Systems holds the world’s largest installed base of unattended payment systems, handling over 2 billion transactions per week in more than 100 countries. The company developed the first electronic coin mechanism in the 1960s, followed by the first electronic non-contact bill validator, and more recently its credit card capability and vending management solutions software. 

Business need

The most pressing business need was for their mobile users to access their Sametime and to attend meetings from wherever they were worldwide. This required an upgrade of the Sametime to version 8.5.2.
Further, a company survey had revealed that, of all the software products in use at the client, the client’s users had the lowest opinion of Lotus Notes. The effectiveness and ease of access of the Sametime implementation and Domino 8.5.3 contributed to the user satisfaction with the IBM solutions – Lotus Notes, Sametime & Quickr.

Solution implementation

The client made heavy use of Sametime instant messaging. Although they had upgraded their Sametime server to version 8.5, they had not implemented any of the new Sametime 8.5 features. Then, in consultation with Rockteam staff, they learned that they could have Sametime instant messaging on their mobile devices. This required a number of upgrades and changes.

To implement this feature, we did the following.

  • Upgraded their Domino server to 8.5.3 and the Sametime server to 8.5.2, then
  • Converted their Sametime server from using Domino directory services to LDAP directory services. As LDAP server, we chose the same Domino server that the client’s Quickr server uses for LDAP directory services.
  • Set up two Websphere-based servers: the Integrated Solutions Console and the Sametime proxy server.
  • Set up a Sametime meeting server and Sametime media manager as well, in anticipation of future need.
  • Implemented SSL on the community, proxy and meeting servers so that users could log in to them securely
  • Rolled out the mobile Sametime service first in pilot mode and then company wide.
  • Later rolled out meeting services in pilot mode, which is ongoing.

In the process of the Sametime implementation, Rockteam completed a series of improvements in the client’s Lotus Notes administrative procedures and Lotus Notes security implementation.

Benefit of the solution

The mobile access via Sametime is used by approximately 150 employees via their iPhone or iPad and some android devices. They benefit in that they are able to stay in touch with each other via Sametime instant messaging when they are away from their computers. The upgrade of their IBM Domino software, staff support and training combined to improved the efficiency of its use and changed the attitude of the staff towards the solution.

Customer quote
“RockTeam has been phenomenally pro-active in their support of our Sametime installation. Their team upgraded our old Sametime server and implemented the latest Sametime services without any significant disruption of service. Their on-site consultant provides on-demand desk-side and phone support during business hours and is available on weekends in an emergency. He cheerfully drops whatever he is doing to support our users and help them improve their Sametime experience. His enthusiasm for IBM’s collaboration products is gradually rubbing off on our users as, one by one, former critics of the products admit that they like and even love it now.”

Project Completion: 2012

Primary: Messaging & Collaboration
Secondary: Professional Services, Products (software)

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