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Rob Kirkland

Rob Kirkland
Senior Technical Consultant

When setting up, upgrading, or maintaining servers, and when developing applications, Rob takes a mentoring approach to help his clients plan the project and understand the steps involved in creating the solution, as well as training them in the use and maintenance of the resulting solution. Rob also uses his experience as an instructor and writer (he has written or contributed to numerous books and articles in trade publications) to help build documentation for the applications he and others build, to develop course manuals and reference materials, and to assist clients to develop curriculum and make their own training materials.

Recent Articles

Jumping over hurdles to upgrade Domino

Here’s what I had to do to the other day to apply Interim Fix 2 to a Domino server running version 9.0.1 Fixpack 4: Shut down Domino, the Domino Controller, the Java Console, NSD, and (wait for it, wait for it) Windows Management Instrumentation. Huh? Apparently WMI or one of its dependent apps grabs onto [...]


Moving to the Cloud Concerns Q & A

One of our clients asked us the following question: “Does anyone not worry that once that hardware is outsourced and access points are strictly based on internet access that down time issues will become more of a major problem?” It is a great question; however there are many angles to think about when going to [...]


Benefits of SmartCloud: The Network Effect

By Rob Kirkland An interesting aspect of IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is that all organizations that participate in it belong to a single directory. That fact has some useful implications. In particular it means that, if they want to, SmartCloud users can interact, within SmartCloud, with other SmartCloud users outside their own organization. Here’s [...]


SmartCloud Meetings Tips and Tricks

Helping your Users get the most from SmartCloud Meetings This guide explains the steps of scheduling a typical meeting in IBM SmartCloud Meetings. Download the white paper: SmartCloud Meetings Tips and Tricks. by Rob Kirkland Privacy Policy

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