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SmartCloud Engage Basics

SmartCloud Engage Basics

Help your Users get the most from SmartCloud Engage

This short document can be loaded on a user’s desktop or printed to sit by the user’s computer. It contains step-by-step instructions for completing basic tasks in SmartCloud Engage that will help the user make the most of the SmartCloud environment:

  • Logging in
  • Dashboard overview
  • How to use the navigation bar
  • How to quickly post a file or message
  • How to use the options in the top ribbon
  • How to use the widgets, such as Meetings, Events and Recommendations
  • Profiles
  • - How to set up your own profile
    - How to add and use tags
    - How to search for people
    - How to use business cards to find out more about people
    - How to create a network of contacts

For more information on how RockTeam can assist with your users’ SmartCloud adoption and your organization’s ROI contact us or call 302-827-2681.

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