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Lotus Notes Domino: Messaging and Collaboration

Lotus Notes Domino: Messaging and Collaboration


IBM Collaborative Software, Lotus Notes Domino and Sametime, redefines the concept of conducting business with dynamic workplaces and other innovative ways of connecting ideas, thinkers, buyers, sellers and communities in an on-demand world.

  • Learn how IBM mobile software for collaboration with Android, iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Windows, and Symbian devices enables users to send and receive email, chat in real-time, search for knowledge and expertise, share documents, and attend meetings. Learn more
  • Businesses today depend on distributed workforces and must partner with a number of external groups to address business problems. Online collaboration tools, which sit outside the firewall and are easily delivered to both PCs and mobile devices, allow information to flow freely between those behind and those outside of the corporate firewall. Learn more
  • IBM Lotus Notes Domino is a proven platform for hosting social business applications at a low total cost of ownership. RockTeam can arrange for a trial copy.

IBM is bringing the power of analytics to its Collaboration software portfolio. Lotus Notes Domino, Social Edition, a social-enabled messaging and collaboration platform, is built on open standards that provides users with the ability to act on any work flow process directly within the email inbox. Whether accessing email from a browser or desktop, or sharing videos and files, users no longer have to travel to a third-party site.

IBM Lotus Notes Domino includes Entitlements to:


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