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Steal Back your Day with IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced

Steal Back your Day with IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced

The most successful people in the business community are those that have the ability to manage time well, and there is nothing more painful than that feeling of having valuable minutes stolen from your schedule. These thefts come in many forms and sizes. There’s nothing I can recommend for that chatty co-worker, but there is one suggestion that can get back some of those valuable minutes: integrated document management.

Searching through emails while trying to find the latest copy of a report or file is not a valuable use of time. On top of losing that time from your day, you’re also wasting space on your email server with all those “latest copies” being passed back and forth like a hot potato. Allow me to propose a better method of keeping up to date: cloud. Imagine multiple people having access to just one document that exists in real time and can be accessed through the internet.

I’m not talking about Google Docs, although this is still a good option for the college group project; I’m talking about an integrated tool that is designed to be used on an enterprise level with the appropriate security measures to safeguard company data. The answer comes in the form of IBM Engage and Engage Advanced, a document management tool offered for IBM SmartCloud.

Offered over cloud and still accessible anywhere with an internet connection, this is an integrated suite of products that match up instant messaging, web conferencing, and online document activity management and editing. With one solution you can call a meeting, review and change documents in real-time while video conferencing, and view all working projects from the omniscient online dashboard. To put it simply, this bundle is an efficient, time management driver that is designed to make life easier for companies that believe the best team is a collaborating team.

So, simplify your life and steal back those precious minutes that separate the great time managers from everyone else. All you need is the right tool that will work with your business goals rather than hamper them. Want to learn more? Call on the RockTeam and we’ll give you some solid answers. With 30 years specializing in social technologies and as an award-winning IBM Premier Business Partner to boot, we can assist in giving your company the competitive edge of collaboration.

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