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About SmartCloud training

About SmartCloud training

Get to know SmartCloud

SmartCloud is a powerful and rich collaboration environment — so much so that it can be overwhelming to new users. The more you can educate your users, the happier they’ll be.

RockTeam can provide end-user training, either online or onsite. The two to three hour training sessions can be customized to help promote the type of collaboration that fits your organization’s goals.

The goal of our end-user training is make sure the users are aware of and know the value of the following features, providing emphasis on the areas that you feel are most important:

  • Communities – Get together with people who share your interests.
  • Activities – Organize content and prioritize tasks related to a project goal.
  • Files – Upload and share files. Control versions and visibility. Create and edit files individually or collaboratively using IBM Docs.
  • IBM Docs – A fully functional word processor, spreadsheet processor, and presentation processor.
  • Meetings – Host or participate in online meetings.
  • Events – Organize, manage, and conduct web seminars and other online events.
  • Chat – Get quick and easy access to your colleagues.
  • Activity Stream – What’s new in your organization? What’s new with you?
  • People and Profiles – Tell your colleagues about yourself. Find expertise among your colleagues.
  • Desktop Plug-ins for MS Windows – Share information between MS Windows apps and IBM SmartCloud Engage.

Contact us to discuss training for your users.

Get the most out of SmartCloud with smart planning

Now that you have the tools to make your organization work more productively and efficiently, how are you going to use them to achieve your goals?

This one-day seminar is aimed at helping managers understand SmartCloud and then work together to make decisions about how to use its features to achieve their goals. It can be delivered online or onsite.

In this seminar, you will:

  • Discover important features in SmartCloud
  • Develop a strategy for making good use of communities, activities, profiles, etc. to help your organization work efficiently and productively
  • Work collaboratively in meetings and chat
  • What features will be most beneficial to your organization?
    • What communities and subcommunities would need to be set up initially?
    • What file folders should you create to begin with?
    • What blogs, wikis and forums would bring helpful information and information exchange for your users?
    • How to use profiles most beneficially – what information to include, what tags to use?
    • What activities do you want to set up to start?

Contact us to set up a seminar for your management group.

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