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Executive Summary: The Software Edge

Executive Summary: The Software Edge

The IBM Institute for Business Value has released their findings from a new study, The Software Edge that included over 400 business executives. According to the study, in 2004 technology was not even among the top-five forces impacting their organizations. By 2012, the same CEO sited technology as the number-one factor — ahead of people skills, market forces and economic trends. The speed at which technology is developing requires executives to place software and technology developments at the forefront of their corporate agenda. The study concluded that organizations that improve their effectiveness of their software solutions, increase their overall effectiveness and maximize ROI.

Effective software solutions can drive a competitive advantage, just as ineffective deployment and execution can have costly consequences.

How software is productively leveraged:

Data showed that these trending technologies can be used in different combinations to gain competitive advantage.

  • Expand customer relationships by using mobile and collaborative technologies to apply unstructured data.
  • Leverage data and insights to provide unique perspectives regarding customers and ongoing operations
  • Create product and service innovation by leveraging mobile services, intelligent systems and software to create offerings
  • Manage the ecosystem by using cloud technology to bring together customers, vendors and channel partners with faster access data and increased coordination
  • Increase operational efficiency by using cloud technologies and collaborative software reduces coordination costs, improves access to data and brings insight to the point of customer need.

Almost 70 percent of companies currently leveraging software development for competitive advantage outperform their peers from a profitability standpoint. 54% believe it is critical.

Only 25% leverage technology effectively today.

To learn how your organization stacks up:

Leverage software to stay ahead of your competition!

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