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Why I Should Have Switched to IBM SmartCloud Sooner

Why I Should Have Switched to IBM SmartCloud Sooner

As a small business owner of 9 years, I was never an advocate for purchasing anything I could get for free; budgets, the bottom line, and paying my employees were always my top priorities. When we outgrew our office space three months ago, we decided to take the economical approach and have the employees with the longest commutes work from home. Of course, communication between in-office folks and remoters was our biggest concern.

We had a company-wide vote over which IM and video chat solutions we would use. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and Skype won out, and the initial two months of use had its pains. Skype turned out to be less than reliable as connections had a tendency to cut out, and I noticed that some employees were using AIM for social purposes while on company time. We handled these issues on a day-to-day basis, and considered the pains workable.

I changed my mind regarding this last statement when an employee’s AIM account was hacked. It took one mass message to my entire company to create a chaos I never knew existed. In the form of one seemingly harmless picture link, the foundations of my company’s technical infrastructure began to crack. We also had the embarrassment of calling clients to make sure nothing was sent to them from our representatives.

From infected computers, to purchasing new hardware and software, my IT provider tried to hide his excitement when the call came through and, one massive bill later, we were almost back to normal. We lost data, thankfully only a minimal amount, but it was enough to be a detriment. To this day, I still have nightmares over this incident.

Needless to say, we no longer allow AIM on our computers. We also decided to bag Skype and now, in place of all of these mundane extras, we have one set solution for everything: IBM SmartCloud. A month after we implemented, Forrester cited IBM as one of three industry leaders in file sync and share. Our company can definitely see why.

To put it simply, it’s just awesome. With everything being integrated into one, it’s simpler to collaborate as a team. Between having emails and smartphones synced, web conferencing with real-time document review, and instant messaging all packed in with our now coveted security, we can, to put it simply, accomplish more with less effort.

By storing documents on the cloud, I can access my needed documents from home just as easily as the remoters, and with built-in encryption, multi-layered anti-virus, and other top notch IBM security measures, our data is more secure than it ever was before.

  • This scenario depicts every business owner’s IT nightmare. To learn how to prevent these types of catastrophes and bolster your company’s network security, call on the RockTeam.

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