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You Have Been In IT For Years

You Have Been In IT For Years


You have been in IT for years

by Keith Brooks

You lust after the newest codes that are released and jump at the chance to see what is new. That is, until you start trying to install the code on premises.

Why on premises, usually because you fear “The Cloud”. The reality is cloud services can not 100% reproduce what your on premises servers provide you, today. In time this too will change, but for now, suffice it to say there are exceptionally good reasons to install servers inside your Firewalls.

The problem begins when you realize the software you have been using for so many years has changed. Usually for the better of course, but with change comes education. Except in modern times no one can RTFM so they hack through an install best they can. Oh yes, life goes on, but not without pain and suffering and in some cases almost aborted installations. 

The RockTeam has been picking up failed installations of various products to right the wrong and provide a solid infrastructure.

These projects are usually run by top companies internally on their own time and staff with good intentions, but they just could not quite get the servers to work properly. We feel your pain, we know what it is like to type a login name and have nothing happen.

As an example, we were asked to recently complete an installation for a customer that had spent over a year to complete an upgrade of their communication and collaboration platform. There were multiple domains, multiple servers, 1,000′s of users involved and we were able to bring them to completion within a few weeks of taking over the project. How did we do it? We salvaged the best parts we could and built new ones where necessary. In this case we were lucky they had the core in solid but the peripheral services were a big problem. The customer is now enjoying their environment and has asked us to work on a new project for them.

Our strength lies in our knowledge, experiences and that we have probably been there, done that, tweeted the selfie and won the t-shirt. It also helps that we have many friends around the world where we can ask for help when one of our two IBM Champions are stumped.

We want you to continue to build servers in house, your teams need the knowledge and experience and we are happy to be that level 3 or 4 support for you and answer the tough questions, and the easy ones too.

Think about it this way, your cost in house is cheaper than bringing us in, but your time, effort, delays and inexperience can be fatal to your job or your company and we don’t want that for any of you. We work with your team to share our knowledge, by documenting your environments and providing you with the information you need for your audits and internal documentation. We are not replacing anyone, quite the opposite, we are enhancing their abilities!

So the next time you have a project and your team says they don’t have time or resources, give us a call so we can help assist you in your time of need. We prefer to be your first choice, not your last choice, in every situation.

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